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The five-day hajj pilgrimage in Mecca

 Hajj is the religious obligation performed annually in the month of Dhul-Hajj. This is the desire of each Muslim to accomplish this holy journey once in their lifetime. Hajj performance brings us enormous rewards. This religious obligation takes about 5 days to complete. This holy journey is the best way for spiritual satisfaction. The five days of Hajj is the best time for every Muslim. This holy journey can only be undertaken by pilgrims in the month of Dhull-Hajj. Without wasting any more time, book cheap Umrah packages 2023 to have a wonderful time in the holy city of Makkah.

Avail of this opportunity this year and attain the closeness of your creator. Pilgrims do their best to make their time special in this holy land. In this fascinating post, we will guide youn how to perform Hajj within your five days of stay at Makkah.

1st Day, Enter the state of Ihram:                        

The first and the foremost rite of Hajj is to enter the state of Ihram. This includes taking a bath and changing clothes to Ihram. Try not to take a bath with scented soap. It is compulsory to wear Ihram before you go ahead for further rites. The women can wear ordinary clothes. But it is not permissible to cover the face and hands for women. If you do not wear ihram, your hajj will be invalid. Some things are also not permissible in the state of Ihram. Using scented soaps, combing hair, scratching the skin, and using anything that disturbs the Ihram intention is not allowed in the state of Ihram.

After wearing Ihram, pilgrims enter the Grand Mosque. There the pilgrims carry their 2nd and the foremost rite which is Tawaf. This is the circulation of the holy Kaaba.  After the completion of the seven rounds around the Kaaba in anti-clockwise direction. The Pilgrims proceed to the third ritual, known as Sa'I.

In this rite, pilgrims make seven rounds between Safa and Marwa Mounts. It is permissible for the men to start running from the green lights to the next one. While the women can complete their rounds politely. After this, they head their face towards Mina.

Arriving at Mina:

After performing the Tawaf and Sa’I pilgrims arrive at Mina. Pilgrims arrive at Mina after completing the Tawaf and Sa’I on the first day of Hajj. Pilgrims spend a night at Mina. They recite the Holy Quran and do more zikr of Allah to make their night special. This is a crucial period for spiritual satisfaction and commitment. You will move to your next destination after spending a night at Mina.

2nd Day, Towards Arafat: 

The day of Arafat is the most important in Islamic. On this day, our beloved Prophet delivered his last sermon at Mount Arafat. This is also the day when Allah SWT completed and perfected his religion on our beloved Prophet. The mount is known as the Jabal-al-Rehman. Adam and Eve both meet at this mount for the first time. After offering the prayers of asr and dhur pilgrims move to their next destination.

3rd Day, towards Muzdaliph:

Pilgrims head their face towards Muzdaliph. There the pilgrims spend a night under the sky. Pilgrims also offer the Maghrib and Isha prayers jointly. Pilgrims collect the stones from the Muzdaliph to toss the pillars that represent Satan. The stoning of Satan is also a part of Hajj rituals. The act of stoning Satan is known as Rami. The act of tossing jamraat is performed in the memory of Hazrat Ibrahim AS. After spending a night at Muzdaliph the pilgrims go-ahead for the next ritual.

4th Day, Stoning of Jamrat:

On this particular day of Hajj, the pilgrims come back to Mina. There the pilgrims toss stones to the three pillars. These pillars represent Satan. The pilgrims perform this act in memory of Hazrat Ibrahim. This is also the right way to take revenge from Satan as he always persuades us towards sins.

5th Day, Sacrificing the animals:

On this rite, the pilgrims slaughter animals for the sake of Allah. You should keep one thing in your mind during your pilgrimage. If you skip any of the Hajj rites your holy journey will be invalid. After the act of Sacrificial intention.

You will move forward for Taqsir/ Halq. In this rite, you have to shave your hair. While the women just trim their hair by the length of the finger. After this, your Hajj journey will be finished.

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Significant Rewards of the Minor Pilgrimage

 Umrah is a smaller pilgrimage and one of our beloved Prophet PBUH's most beautiful and wonderful Sunnah. Every year, millions of Muslims undertake Umrah throughout the year since, unlike Hajj, Umrah does not require a fixed period to be performed. This is regarded as one of the best forms of worship since Muslims go to Allah's house solely for Allah's sake, asking for forgiveness and making supplications for his every need. Umrah is a spiritual journey to Allah, and those who execute it with good intentions receive enormous benefits from Allah Almighty. It must be done with gratitude, intensity, desire, and a tremendous deal of love. Here are some blessings that Allah Almighty bestows on a Muslim who performs Umrah offered by our travel agency with Cheap Ramadan Umrah Packages.

• Being a guest of Allah: 

Being a guest of the Supreme Creator of the Universe gives you shivers, but it is one of the most wonderful experiences in the world. Consider the blessings that your Lord bestowed upon you when you accepted His invitation to stay with Him. When one arrives in Makkah, the most sacred spot on the face of the globe, Allah Almighty, the majestic host, can bestow infinite bounties and blessings. When the pilgrim arrives, you experience an unusual serenity. You left your home and comforts behind solely for Allah's sake and to seek forgiveness from Him, and He Almighty will never let you down.

• Sins are compensated:

When a person travels to the Holy Land solely to conduct the Umrah for Allah Almighty's sake, his sins are expunged or forgiven. Allah Almighty is the only one who has requested His creation to come to Him and seek forgiveness, and He will undoubtedly forgive you. He gives His creation a full opportunity to seek forgiveness, and He forgives His person in the blink of an eye. The sins of the person will be forgiven each time he visits to perform Umrah.

• Umrah is the equivalent of Jihad:

Jihad's importance has been stressed numerous times, and it comes in a variety of forms. Martyrdom is Jihad's prize since it is an act of great devotion and love. However, nowadays, Muslims do not do Jihad in the same way they did in the past, therefore it will come as a relief to learn that performing Umrah earns the same reward as Jihad. Umrah is the same as Jihad in terms of its execution.

• life's complete code:

Islam is a full system of life that provides innumerable rewards and blessings in various forms to its believers and followers. Another thing we learn from the above-mentioned hadith is that those who are not physically strong enough are rewarded in numerous ways for undertaking Umrah.

• Poverty elimination:

Umrah is a means of forgiveness for sins committed. Obviously, not everyone does it to get out of poverty; instead, they do it to receive enormous benefits and abundant blessings from Allah Almighty. People who are having financial difficulties can regain control of their enterprises by executing this tremendous act of worship. According to Muslim scholars, it is obligatory for those who are financially and physically capable to perform at least one Umrah in their lifetime, either during or before Hajj or at any other time of year.

The very act of performing such a massive act of worship is considered a huge reward in and of itself. May Allah SWT grants every Muslim the opportunity to visit the sacred country as His guests. May Allah grants every Muslim's deepest yearning to conduct Umrah at least once in a lifetime.